Vennture is a charity based in Hereford.

We are committed to working with people when they’re vulnerable,
“Giving meaning to the power of Jesus’ Love” in Hereford and the local area.

Vennture cares by equipping people to form meaningful relationships with those facing challenge or crisis –
either on the street or in the home.

Our fully trained volunteers come from diverse backgrounds – teachers, shop workers, doctors, farmers, solicitors, home makers, students and retirees. Churched and unchurched, those of all-faith and none are united by their desire to keep people safe and help people to help themselves.

We currently have 4 projects and would love for you to get involved in one of them.

Have a good time, come home safe.

“On Saturday I was in a really bad way. You called help, you didn’t look down on me, you gave me hope. I wanted to end it all, now I’ve started on the right path.”

-Young woman found unconscious in High Town.

Care more, respond faster.

‘’Thank you for looking after my son. I’d no idea what a wonderful, selfless support was there. He’s thankfully ok now, but if it wasn’t for your care, the imagination runs wild’’

-Thankful Mum.

Love our City Better.

‘’Most of my working week is sat working with a computer. Ambassadors has given me a great opportunity to get out and support people’’

-An Ambassador Volunteer.

Helping families to help themselves.

”I find it difficult to ask for help, but Vennture has been so engaging and gentle…. they have saved our family”

-A Parent.