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Corporate Social Responsibility

Doing good is big business. Businesses play a vital role in shaping our community for the better, transforming Hereford and Herefordshire – not just economically.

Our founder John Venn did good while doing business, applying his business acumen to transform 19th century Hereford. His myriad of social enterprises addressed the social ills of his day. His entrepreneurship changed lives. Many businesses today believe in a similar vision and are committed to bettering their communities.

Our Vennture team would love to partner with your business as we strive side-by-side to give back to and grow our community!

How Your Team Can Get Involved

Help our team engage with people going out in Hereford to enjoy their night out and come home safely by getting involved with our Street Pastors teams.

Work with us to take pressure off emergency services and Hereford’s A&E by supporting our volunteers who provide Street Triage and Supervised Recovery in our Safe Place.

Help change children’s lives by supporting our Link Workers and volunteers coming alongside and mentoring local struggling or troubled families.

Make Hereford an even greater place to live, work and visit by playing your part as a business in our Vennture Ambassador programme.

Support people without family, friends and colleagues by getting involved in our work mentoring those who are socially isolated – often with multiple and complex needs.

There are many inspiring, engaging opportunities with Vennture through which your team can join our teams as we work together for our community!

Strategic CSR

We want to help your business make CSR part of your USP – providing you the opportunity to stand out with your customers for the right reasons. We are happy to work with businesses who strive to make Corporate Social Responsibility an element of your competitive advantage, and who want to make a positive impact.

Vennture stands out because of our business-like approach. We are evidence-based and outcome- driven. We are always exploring opportunities to make situations, experiences, and futures better for people – those we help, our volunteers and our team. We are always learning and believe in continuous self-evaluation and improvement.

Loving People Better is a tough challenge – especially when those people are immersed in complex and chaotic lives – that’s why our core values are Faith, Love and Endeavour.

We live in the light of love and recognise that love can change everything – loving God and loving others as we love ourselves.
We value each individual as special; each has a unique mix of God-given gifts, talents and experiences.
We work with, serve and relate to all people.

We recognise family is an answer no matter how messy it gets.
We encourage individuals to be and act as servant leaders in their lives, family work and community.
We never give up on people, encouraging them to take small steps that can lead to big changes.
We accept everyone as we find them and without condition; we encourage people to live a life rooted in love.

We accept we don’t have all the answers and in sharing in each person’s journey we are willing to share the changes we are making in our own lives.
We respect, nurture and promote a strong work ethic to build everyone’s esteem, resilience and resourcefulness.
We encourage enterprise to create more to invest in helping individuals to take responsibility for their future.

Partner with us in making a difference through Corporate Social Responsibility!

Doing business is tough. We’ve thought carefully about how we can make doing good while doing business easier.

Get in touch with the Vennture team today to discuss what corporate philanthropy in partnership with our organisation might look like for your business.