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Breathe life into our city.

Ambassador teams volunteer in Hereford to keep people safe, support the vulnerable and provide first aid.
Their mission is to make Hereford an even better place to shop, visit and work.
They want to be a friendly, helpful, reassuring and welcoming presence.
STOP PRESS          We are now recruiting for volunteer Ambassadors in Ross on Wye and Leominster.

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Whilst our Street Pastors team work primarily in the night-time economy of Hereford, the Ambassadors team are out on the streets of our community during the daytime. The Ambassadors are here to help shoppers and those walking about the streets of our city to support with situations such as lost children, aiding the elderly, or first aid situations.

The intent of the Ambassadors are to provide a reassuring, positive presence out in the community during the day, when shoppers, parents, workers, and tourists are interacting together on our streets. The team forms an essential contact between CCTV operators and shops as well, in the effort to prevent and report crime, and increase street vigilance.

“Ultimately, we want to help make the city an even brighter and better place,” explains Robert Thomas, our Lead Executive Officer. “Sometimes this is about the simple things such as helping people get home if they need assistance, and providing directions to sites of interest in the city, like the Cathedral.”

Ambassadors provide a calming presence on our streets to listen, to encourage, and to provide individualised, quick support for anyone in need. We are the eyes and ears of our community, available to assist anyone who may be feeling like they need some extra help in their time of need, from someone non-judgmental who they can trust to provide rapid, safe care. Whether a community member is simply having a bad day and needs someone to listen, or a first aid situation develops in which someone needs further support, the Ambassadors team is ready to respond in a moment’s notice, to whatever circumstance arises.



Volunteers come from all walks of life. Each investing an afternoon or morning every few weeks to join one of our teams as a team leader, communicator or first aider trained in street triage in the city centre.

To find out more, complete the enquiry form on our Contact page.

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‘’Most of my working week is sat working with a computer. Ambassadors has given me a great opportunity to get out and support people’’

An Ambassador Volunteer