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Personalised support for individuals throughout Hereford.

Vennture provides several programmes designed to support individuals who may be in need during particular circumstances in their life.

UK Community Renewal Fund, Building Better Opportunities, Housed Homeless, and our Winter Provision Project can help individuals transition into employment, support prevention of crises, provide housing support, and address rough sleeping. We will walk with you on a one-to-one basis through your personal circumstances and also help direct you to further support networks.


Personal Prevent

Personal Prevent exists to work upstream in an individual’s life to identify and support situations and circumstances from evolving into full emergencies. Vennture works with those who need someone to support them rather than calling emergency services, in circumstances where an individual may be feeling out of control, lonely or desperate, and may be experiencing a personal crisis but not an A&E scenario.

Vennture support comes alongside this individual to prevent crises, whether they be mental health-related, housing, offending, addictions, preventing frequent calls to blue light services, or other situations one may find themselves in.

For more information about Personal Prevent, please complete the enquiry form on our Contact page.