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Helping those rough-sleeping in Hereford transition into safe, healthy, caring homes.


What is Housed Homeless?

The goal of Housed Homeless is to “make rough sleeping and sofa surfing rare, brief, infrequent and non-reoccurring.” The project has a five-year approach to the sustained ending of homelessness by putting homeless people in the lead. Through COVID for the first time, each homeless person is identified, located, and engaged with.

What does Vennture offer?

Vennture support provides local support to address the needs of those rough sleeping, sofa surfing and/or rehoused homeless. It involves collaboration between housing and support solutions, with an approach to facilitate “homes” for those in need, rather than simply “houses.” We believe in empowering individuals to identify and establish their own home, where they feel safe and secure.

For more information about the Housed Homeless Project, please complete the enquiry form on our Contact page.