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Care more, respond faster

Rigorously trained volunteers care for the injured or impaired in Hereford’s night time economy.  Accurately assessing, supervising recovery and reuniting with friends and family.


Alongside Street Pastors, the Lean-on-Me team works to help keep Hereford’s night-time economy safe and keep manageable first aid situations from requiring further NHS care. Lean-on-Me reduces demands on local blue light services, ensuring that responders are kept available to help those who really need them.

The Lean-on-Me team runs a night-time street triage and recovery centre, working in conjunction with the Street Pastors team. If the Street Pastors identify someone on the street in need of assistance, whether first aid-related, mental health, recovery, separation from friends or whoever they were out with, or simply a listening ear, they are able to bring that person in need to the Lean-on-Me centre. At the centre, the team provides first aid and supervised recovery, keeping an eye on anyone in need with the aim to reconnect those people with their family and friends.

Although Lean-on-Me was closed during the height of the pandemic, it has now opened again after restrictions have eased. There are new COVID-security checks in place to ensure the safety of volunteers and those at the centre, including a COVID check before anyone enters the building, regular negative lateral flow testing for volunteers, and Level 2 PPE. The centre adheres to social distancing and is well-ventilated.

There are three roles as a part of the Lean-on-Me team: students, supervisors, and leaders. Students undergo rigorous training as they are in primary contact with those entering the centre. They provide supervision and basic medical care for the centre attendees. Supervisors are involved in the safeguarding and medical oversight of the students, ensuring students and centre attendees are safe. Team leaders manage the Lean-on-Me team, and are the final decision-makers on medical situations, also providing mentorship to students and supervisors.

Lean-on-Me is a vital part of Vennture’s night-time support network, and offers a great opportunity for students interested in medicine to learn valuable care and safeguarding skills.



Adult Volunteers

We are keen to recruit considerate, caring, trustworthy volunteers who can stay calm under pressure and work well in a team. You will only need to volunteer for one night a month. If you are aged over 20 we would love to hear from you.

Student volunteers – Work experience

Along with our adult volunteers we have a student work experience programme that provides students over the age of 16 invaluable work experience. Many of our students are keen to go into medical or healthcare professions and Lean on Me provides them with eye opening experience’s to talk about at interviews. If you are hardworking, caring and trustworthy please apply today.

All volunteers will undergo an initial induction in order to prepare them for their role. Medical assessors will gain 6 days’ accredited specialist first aid training. You will receive accreditations in Emergency First Aid at Work, CPR, & AED, Manual Handling and PMESHED. There is also a rigorous safeguarding training session.

Student or under 18s Applications

Adult Applications

Students and adults during Lean-on-Me Training

“Thank you for looking after my son. I'd no idea what wonderful, kind, selfless support was there.
He's thankfully ok but if it wasn't for your care, imagination runs wild."

Thankful mum

"Why are you being so kind to me? Nobody else is."

Young person

"Thank you so much. I had no idea people were out there looking out for my step daughter."

Concerned parent

"I don't know how I got like this, it's unlike me. I can't thank you enough."

Girl helped in Emelia's Place

"All the training and shifts I have done at Lean-on-Me have taught me so much."

Lean on Me student volunteer

“It’s really stretched me but it’s so rewarding helping someone to a safe place
& freeing up an ambulance for a genuine 999 call.”

Sue, Adult Lean-on-Me volunteer

‘Helping at Lean on Me gives me confidence that young people like my daughter
will get home safely when they go on a night out’

Scott, Adult Lean on Me volunteer

"At my medicine interview I had so much to talk about because of Lean on Me.
I’m sure that’s the reason I got a place!"

Lean on Me student volunteer