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Our new home for bringing the “power of Jesus’ love” to our community.

Our New Location

In April 2021, our team at Vennture were delighted to learn that we had been approved to move into the building and site that would become our new charity headquarters here in Hereford.

The former vicarage on Vicarage Road had previously gone on to house the Women’s Voluntary Service (WVS) from 1963 onwards. From this location, the WVS established several services and charitable programmes for the Hereford community, including meals-on-wheels, a residential club, clothing store, and meeting space for local scouts. In 2004, WVS refurbished and added to the building to create the Riverside Community Centre, with a nursery, office accommodation and commercial kitchen. However, over time, the centre was run down and closed.

When the building went up for sale, the local community called for the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) to consider the preservation of the values and public benefit of voluntary service to Hereford that the next owners may bring.

Vennture were overjoyed to win this bid, committing to use the building and site for the benefit of the public and as a hub to bring support and care to those in need in Hereford. We are happy to dedicate our new home to the values our founder John Venn held dear – bringing practical meaning to the “power of Jesus’ love” in our community and striving to make a difference by “loving people better.”

Come visit us at 26 Vicarage Road in Hereford to learn more about our programmes and the support we offer Hereford, and stay tuned as we bring exciting updates to our new home!