About us

Our mission

‘Love People Better’

We’re an independent charity, helping individuals and families in times when life becomes overwhelming to make a fresh start. Whatever their background or circumstances, you’ll find Vennture working hard to support our community.

Love people better

We work across Herefordshire, in the city, market towns and villages, helping families, young people and individuals to help themselves. Everything we do is rooted in our Vennture values of Love, Faith and Endeavour.

Vennture Values


We remain true to our founders John and Emelia Venn’s original vision of loving those who are marginalised or vulnerable without discrimination.

Everything we do is rooted in their solid Christian faith. Our Christian roots mean that we respect and help everyone whatever their background or circumstance.


Love is what drives us. Our Christian roots are expressed positively in loving people in all that we do.

We help people in difficulty, tackle inequalities, and reconnect people with their purpose, place, and the relationships that matter to them. Whilst our roots are Christian, our paid team and volunteers, like the people we help, may be of any faith, or no faith.


We believe in the strength of families and communities working hard together to make positive changes. It's about putting the work in, we encourage a strong work ethic, building resourcefulness and resilience in individuals and communities. Most importantly, we’re there through the ups and downs. We take a caring approach to how we treat people.

We understand that lasting change requires more than quick fixes, that’s why we join up with local leaders to implement our programs. Over 95% of our staff are local. People who know and love their communities and will remain long after we depart.

“I find it difficult to ask for help but Vennture has been so engaging and gentle which is really important.”