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Supporting Vennture

We’re thankful for your support, that helps us, help Herefordshire people.
Find out how you can make a lasting difference.


Helping people in difficulty

Every day we find smart ways to meet the needs of our community, helping people in difficulty to make a fresh start. We understand that lasting change requires more than quick fixes, which is why we take time to get to know people and their needs, journeying with them to help them achieve what's important to them.

How we help

Each year we work alongside over a hundred struggling families to bring about the positive changes that they want in their life.

We’re here to support anyone who may be feeling out of control, lonely or desperate. We work alongside hundreds of people each year to listen and offer reliable advice.

Every weekend night our volunteer street pastor teams are out on the streets of our community, helping to prevent crime and ready to help people in need.

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Will your company journey with us to meet the needs of our community?

We can achieve more by working together to look after Herefordshire’s people. As well as raising vital funds and resources to support our services, working with corporate partners helps us to raise awareness of Vennture’s work.

How can we work together?

Staff Fundraising - Your company could host a series of engaging staff fundraising activities, boosting company culture and comradery, all while raising funds to support Vennture.

Corporate Volunteering - As a growing charity Vennture needs more than funding; we need volunteers too. Whether it’s joining our street pastors in Hereford on a Saturday night or working alongside our Link Workers to mentor families, there are many opportunities for your team to join ours as we work together for our community.

Corporate gifts and donations - Through a corporate gift, or combination of donation and staff fundraising, your company could help fund or develop a specific area of Vennture’s work.

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Funders and Grant Makers

Invest in Vennture

Invest in Vennture and you’ll be joining an established group of philanthropists, businesses and agencies who share our vision for finding smart ways to meet the needs of our community.

By giving our time and expertise to make lasting change in people’s lives, we can unlock progress for individuals and whole communities. And with major investment, we can accelerate that progress.

How can we work together?

To reach everyone in need in our community, we need to increase our services – and for that we need visionary individuals who share our values to join us on this journey.

Together, we can find ways for these key partnerships to support a variety of approaches to tackling the challenges people in Herefordshire face. With large-scale support, we can do more for our communities. We can do more to prevent poverty, hunger, homelessness and crime, making a tangible and lasting difference to people’s lives.