Our mission is to...

Love people better

Welcome to Vennture, where compassion meets action. Our mission is simple: to support those in need and ignite positive change. From lending a helping hand on the streets of Hereford and nurturing families in their homes, to supporting individuals through life's challenges. Join us in making a difference, one person at a time.

What we do

As an independent charity dedicated to helping people in difficult situations make a fresh start, Vennture is committed to supporting our community. Whether it's in the home, on the streets, in prisons and schools, or at our safe hub, you'll find us actively working to provide hope and support wherever it's needed. We empower individuals to overcome challenges and embrace new beginnings.

How you can get involved

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Support us in meeting the needs of our rural county

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Support the people who are most in need

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How we love people better


Find out more about our volunteering opportunities

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Other ways to get in touch
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Focusing on families, young people and children

‘Helping families to help themselves’

Children, young people and families thrive with the right support, especially during difficult times. We’ll understand your family’s needs, engaging in weekly in-person and phone sessions to foster positive changes. Let us help you move towards a brighter family life.

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Beside you through life's challenges

‘Care more, respond faster.’

No matter the struggle, we’re here to walk alongside you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or in despair, we offer personalised support. We’ll attentively listen and journey with you one-on-one, offering understanding, support, and guidance.

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At the heart of Hereford's community

‘Breathe life into our city.’

Our Ambassadors provide daily assistance and comfort on Hereford’s streets, aiding those who are lost, unwell, or in need of a little support. With welcoming smiles, our volunteers contribute to the city’s inviting atmosphere, making it a more enjoyable place for all.

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Street pastor outside pub

Bringing comfort to Hereford's streets

‘Have a good time, come home safe.’

Our street pastors and volunteers offer a comforting presence on Hereford’s streets at night. With compassion and expertise, they extend a helping hand to ensure everyone feels safe and supported.

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"Thank you for taking care of my daughter last weekend, giving her some flip-flops and making sure she got home safely."