What do we do ?
We love people better – no matter what.

We work across Herefordshire helping families, young people and individuals to help themselves.

Everything we do is rooted in our Christian values of Love, Faith and Endeavour.

Care more, respond faster.

Thank you for taking care of my daughter last weekend, giving her some flip flops and making sure she got home safely.



Helping families to help themselves.

“No one seemed to understand what was going on for us as a family and you came along and just got it straight away, it was just a relief to feel like you understand. All those years of shouting for help and not getting any, then to have our LW as a guiding hand,  has been invaluable to us”

Have a good time, come home safe.

“I definitely would recommend students to volunteer. The skills and qualities you gain from it are amazing and  helping people when they are at their most vulnerable is something I think we should all do.