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Helping families to help themselves.

Family Pastors are trained volunteers who can work with the family by listening to them in a non-judgemental way and helping them gain the support they need to make changes, find solutions to their challenges and bring new hope into their lives. These volunteers come alongside families in their homes, for 1 hour a week. Listening, encouraging and supporting change.

They are a consistency in the family’s life as they support them for 6-9 months.

Here to listen, journey with, and support over 1023 families in Hereford in times of need.


We’re here to help your family get back on track during a difficult time, whether that be difficulties with children, finances, schools, domestic relationships, health problems, housing, and many other situations your family may find themselves in. By listening and getting to know you and your circumstances, a Link Worker and Family Pastor will work with you and stay with you throughout the support process. We want to help you find your voice and encourage you to let your voice be heard, by making links between you and those around you – this could be school support, mental health aid, or an advocate for your family.

You are not alone on this journey. We’re happy to be on the phone to you if you’re having a bad day, or to talk through a situation. This programme is entirely tailored to you and your unique family needs. Family Pastors and Link Workers are here to help you bring about the positive changes that you want in your life, by empowering you to take manageable steps towards them.


We’re keen to recruit considerate, caring, trustworthy volunteers who consider themselves good listeners, encouragers and non-judgemental. You will walk alongside a family for 6-9 months, working with them through their individual situation and support goals.

No previous experience is necessary, all our volunteers are given full training by professional teams. You will be backed by your own support team through Vennture as you volunteer, who are there to help guide and assist you in supporting your family.

To find out more, complete the enquiry form on our Contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Family Pastors application pack


To refer a family to this programme, please get in touch with Vennture by referencing the Prevention for Families programme or the Early Help door. Please phone Vennture to discuss individual circumstances.

"Before we were just coping, now we are living."

Family after working with Vennture

“I find it difficult to ask for help but Vennture has been so engaging and gentle which is really important... they've saved our family."


"Before we were just coping, now we are living."

Family after working with Vennture

"Vennture are open, down to earth and they say it as it is. And that is what the families want."


"The support has been amazing. I'm in a much better place."


"Family Pastors are a breath of fresh air."


“I never realised that giving an hour a week could make such a difference in the life of a desperately troubled family.”

John, Family Pastor

"The training has given me a lot more empathy, less judgmental and more understanding."

Heather, Family Pastor