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Working with families is always a great privilege; to be trusted and let into someone’s home, family and life. We laugh, cry and figure out a way forward when life throws it’s curved ball.  I walk alongside people encouraging them to take the next small step which will lead them to the changes they really want to see.  They’ve spent a long time thinking about it. Sometimes not believing things could change? But they can, step by step.  I like it when people remember their dreams from childhood and realise they still are that person and rediscover their passions and enjoyment in life.  Often I work to develop a way through a child’s special needs which are causing obstacles for them.  I work alongside the family to ensure things are working better at home or school.  Most of my work is being a listening ear and a reflective mirror to help people see the bigger picture.  Also helping them to work out where they want to start – what are the priorities: what is in my control?  What is out of my control?  With trust and someone to walk with you, you can go a long way in a new direction.  It makes a difference to have encouragement and an honest voice in your ear.  I love seeing people make changes they have wanted for a long time.  Sometimes they are just accepting that really bad things have happened but they are going to move on and not let that be their only definition.  They are brave and inspiring. I’ve seen people set up their own businesses, have better relationships in their family, go through cancer treatment, beat addiction, work their way out of debt, be more honest with each other, tackle that no-go-area in their home that they thought would never be sorted.  With the right help you can do anything!  Family is everything if it works properly.  So I like to be part of helping families to thrive.  The more happy families we have the better the world is. Everyone needs a safe, supportive household and home to belong to.